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Motion Graphics/Digital Effects Project

The concept behind this audio/visual work is in its name, “Inzil, Ya Matar Inzil”. It’s an arabic phrase that directly translates to “Fall, oh rain fall”, and acts as a cry for rain. The country where I come from, U.A.E., being a desert one, scarcely sees rain throughout out the year, however, when it does fall it is seen as a blessing. The natives of the land will begin praying to god and request for their deepest desires. So in this land, rain is perceived with high regards and welcomed with open arms. This experimental audio-visual production aims to encapsulate these desires and feelings. Through the use of arabic scales in the music and islamic geometry accompanied by scenes of the arid desert landscape with glimpses of rain.

Technology Used: Adobe CC, Ableton Live

Inzil, Ya Matar Inzil

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